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Going to School

I really wasn’t expecting that

Uhm …. Okay

That is one FAST dude. lol




Ya boyfriend ain’t text ya back, ha?
You mad, ha? You finna post ya ass on the gram, ha?
He liking that bitch Monique selfies, ha? You finna go act a fool on that private blog now, ha?
You like to thirst trap, ha? You fulla that evil, ha? You trappin dem people, ha?

Ya friends tryna get you to be a hoe, ha? They got tickets to go see the dick dancers, ha?
You ain’t eem tell him you was going to to the club, ha? His boys den seen you now you drove, ha?
You gotta give him head for a week straight, ha? It’s ok because he gon buy you them new shoes, ha?

You caught ya man slanging dick at his ex’s, ha? It’s over ha? You finna go and fuck Jerome now, ha?
He texted you a month later talmbout, “Wassup”, ha? Didn’t eem know you was already getting piped, ha? You gon still let him hit later, ha?
You found out yo girl knew he was foul, ha? She gotta go, ha? Can’t have no tricky bitches on the squad, ha?


Photographed by Michel Haddi, HQ


Mef & His Shorty (now wife) 1996